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All our projects are custom created unless otherwise stated.




Hand Made Cutting Boards


Birchwood or Cedar and Pine Cutting Boards




All pieces are crafted by hand using products only mother nature provides (except for the glue :)).
All pieces are sanded and wood conditioned using beeswax and natural oil to make the piece food safe.
No two boards are alike.

Birchwood Butcher Block (Only)
- Jagged cut to enhance the butcher block effect
- Finger Jointed end on end for additional strength
- Edge glued added for a classic butcher block look
- Blocks are at least 1.5 inches thick
- Blocks start at 12in X 11in in size and can be sized up to 24in X 24in

Cedar and Pine Cutting Board (Only)
- Straight Cut alternating between Cedar and Pine boards
- Edge glued and planed to ensure an even surface
- Blocks are 1 to 2 inches thick
- Blocks start at 12in X 11 in in size and can be sized up to 24in X 24in

All boards are treated with food safe wood conditioner which includes natural beeswax and oils. It is recommended the board should be retreated every few months depending on how heavy usage it is.

Images, logos, and quotes can be burned on one or both sides of the board.
Board edges can be sanded round or routed.
Felt or plastic feet can be added to one side of the board to give the board seperation from the counter surface.


Standard cut boards (12in X 11in)

Please contact us via Email if you are looking for larger boards.
Cutting boards can be purchased in bulk for a discount.
Rush orders are available.

Cutting board projects can take 1-2 weeks to build.
Shipping is included for all standard cut boards.







Hand Made Leather Journals

Made from genuine cow leather, our journals are hand cut and sown.

Each journal is hand crafted so no two are alike. Journals can be customized to be a single piece or multiples pieces stitched together. Simple leather wraps help keep the journal secured.

All journals can be laser etched to inclue a name, image, or quote.

All journals are finished with leather polish to give them a clean shine.
Journals can include a strap or pocket to insert an existing notebook for easy replacement or we can use decor posts used to hold hole punched paper at length.


Please contact us for pricing on your order.

Journals can be purchased in bulk for a discount.
Rush orders are available.

Journals normally take less than a week to build depending on customization requests.
Shipping is included for all journals excluding bulk orders.







Hand Made Chess Boards



Coming Soon







Glass Clocks

Coming Soon







Payment Options: PayPal; Square
Payment is due on order. Once you place your order, an estimated timeline will be given to completion. For any project that is projected to take longer than one week, weekly status emails will be sent until product is shipped.
Shipping: USPS, UPS, FedEx
Most projects will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail including tracking and insurance. Any project that is not able to fit in a Priority Mail box will be shipped in the next best option and include tracking and insurance. Shipping and Handling is not included in project quotes unless otherwise stated and/or agreed upon.
Returns and Exchanges: Due to the nature of the customized projects, we can't accept returns. We will make every attempt to ensure your expectations are met including sending pictures of whatever phase your project is in prior to shipping. If your project is damaged due to shipping, we will assist in filing a claim with the shipping company. Any special requests will need to be agreed upon prior to payment.