Welcome to Zimm's Realm

AKA:DBA Zimm's Creations

We are a small hobby shop located in Oklahoma creating, building, and offering our works online and in person through various shows and events. Most all of our works are created using wood, resin, plaster, and PLA filament. Although some pieces may be manufactured as noted within the projects, all our work is custom designed and hand crafted.

All Our Projects Feature:

* Custom design as requested by our customers.

* Engravings done by Laser, CNC, or hand tooled.

* Pieces and Scenery designed and printed using Photopolymer Resin or PLA Filament on 3d Printers.

* Hand casted resin, epoxy, or plaster projects using silicon molds.

All projects are submitted and tracked through our website allowing you to see the progress of your order as it is completed.

We offer payment plans up to order shipping. Full payment is required prior to the shipping of your order. Pictures will be provided on completion of your project. All orders are shipped tracked and insured. Shipping process depends on the size of your order and not all projects can be shipped.


Our Simple Chessboards are built using wood, epoxy, and/or plaster. Some options include using multiple types of a foundation such as a wooden base and a resin or plaster board on top.

Wooden boards will have a rotating wood type or stain type to create the checker pattern. The squares in wooden boards are cut and not painted on.
Resin boards will have alternating resin colors to create the checker patterns. Resin boards require a wooden or plaster surface to rest on due to thickness issues.
Plaster boards will have a painted or other subject matter added to the squares to create the checker pattern. Although not required due to the stability of plaster, it is recommended you order a base of wood or other object to rest the plaster board on. Plaster must be handled carefully as it can be as fragile as glass.

If you are looking for a more detailed Chessboard, we offer building 3d Chessboards with a raised glass chessboard (pre-manufatured) and creating a scene below.

We offer several scenic options which can be then imagined and created below the raised glass board.

All chessboards include a set of standard chesspieces unless you order a custom set.

Simple Chessboards start at $75.00 based on the customizations requested.
3d Scene Chessboards start at $150.00 based on the customizations requested.

Cornhole Boards start at $150.00 based on the customizations requested.


Our Cornhole boards are built using wood to tournament standard dimensions.

All boards include two pairs of legs, rope handles, an attached (customizable) score tracker on top of the board, multi-colored lights with remote, and a set of cornhole toss bags with store bag.

Cornhole boards can be painted, stained, or etched (laser).

Laser Etching: Laser etching can be a logo, name, motto or quote, or simple image. The size and time to take to etch may adjust the price of your project.







In addition to chessboards and cornhole boards, we also create a variety of other items including:

* Cutting Boards: Our wooden cutting boards can be created from pine and cedar woods. Boards can be engraved with a name, logo, quote, etc. Cutting boards are sealed with beeswax and/or mineral oils so they can be food safe. Cutting boards cannot be used to cut meat (steak, chicken, fish, etc) and should only be used to cut fruits and/or vegetables. This is due to the fact that wood is porous and can retain raw juices between cutting no matter how well you clean the board. Cutting Boards start at $40.00 based on the size and customizations requested.

* Coasters: Our wooden coasters are created from Elm wood. Coasters can be engraved with a name, logo, quote, etc and then stained and clear coated to make them water proof. Coasters are $40.00 for a set of 4*.

* Platters: Our wooden platers are created from a variety of woods but mostly are pine or common. Platters can be engraved, painted, or stained. Each platter can include two different holders or cut to include the holder within the board. Boards are sealed so they are waterproof. Platters start at $40.00 based on the size and customizations requested.

* Wooden Flags: Our wooden flags are created from Pine wood. Flags can be anything from the US Flag to the Starfleet Flag. Flags start at $50.00 but may increase based on customization options.

* Wind Turners: Our wooden wind turners are created from Pine wood. Turners can be engraved, stained, and/or painted. Wind turners start at $40.00 based on the size and customizations requested.

* Some projects can be created in multiples which could receive a discount (such as ordered multiples of wooden coasters and receiving a percentage discount on each multiple). Bulk orders may increase the amount of time a project takes to completion and we do not offer rush orders.