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Welcome to Zimm's Realm. Zimm's Realm merged with Zimm's Creations in October of 2017 when we relocated our store from Ada, OK to Stratford, OK and refocused our products towards design, creation, and building instead of an event center. Zimm's Realm and Zimm's Creation are one entity.

All our creations are custom designed and hand crafted in-house. We currently create various wood working, resin, and alumninum toys and crafts. Feel free to browse our current offerings and completed products within our directory. As always, all our items are customizable unless otherwise stated on the product page. Please send us a message if you have any questions prior to placing your order.

Our Feature Product are our custom built chess boards.

All our chess boards are custom designed and built from wood, resin, acrylic, glass, or aluminum. All boards are customizable including etching and/or engraving names, logos, images, and more. We have also started to design and create 3d and scened boards, which can also be customized. Check out our product directory for more examples or to get started on your own custom board.

Although most of our chess pieces are currently not custom designed, they are resin or filament printed in our warehouse. Some of our chess boards include custom designed chess pieces. See the product details for more information.

We have an in house Laser etcher and a CNC machine

that allows us to engrave, burn, and/or etch names, logos, favorite quotes or anything else that can be converted into an image file.

We currently can process the following materials: wood (engrave/etch), resin (etch), leather (engrave/etch), acrylic (etch).

One of our newest products are Wooden Flags that can be customized.

We are able to burn/cnc stars and logos into the multi-planked wood (13 stripes) to create a standard flag that is sealed and weather proofed for hanging outside or inside your home or place of business. Thanks to our editing software, any image can be placed onto the flag.

Our Client Dashboard will track all your orders, including customizations, and display development progress from design to production.

We take pictures of the progress and post them to your account so you can view the details as they are made and request changes if they are possible.

Finally, the dashboard will keep a history of all orders for a year before they are archived so you can request another created creation instead of having to redesign one from the start.